Monday 12 November 2012


Lavendar Hill, the place where the Korle Lagoon meets the sea and the majority of Accra's night soil is discharged at all times during the day. There is a picture of a truck in the bottom corner on it's way to pick up some more business after discharging a previous load. The area is nicknamed 'Lavendar Hill' because the obvious link with the dominant commercial activity assigned to it. The smell changes by the day depending on how much has been discharged or the weather. cold, warm, rainy or windy when the unholy fragrance travels really far and wide beyond it's hallowed environs.
People as far as James Town, Bukom, Ayalolo, Old Fadama, Korle-Gonno and Chorkor on a good day can experience this phenomenon. I have a very realistic relationship to it because I can understand and appreciate it’s importance and existence.
The smell I do not mind because  besides it’s foul but highly organic nature is a constant reminder of what needs to be done as well as our total and complete neglect of our responsibilities to ourselves and our environment. The sea (Atlantic Ocean) which the main recipient of all the night soil discharged is being contaminated with all the other objects that are flushed down the toilet in people’s homes.
The proliferation of political signboards given the areas notoriety is because of the vehicular traffic  footprints and it’s  potential for exposure. You are always assured of seeing any of the advertising boards. I told my campaign team to put the biggest bill board to out shine all those ‘evil dwarfy’  ones.
Yeah, we want to make a statement alright and where better to make that statement but the FRAGRANTLY CHALLENGED LAVENDAR HILL.

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